Practice Areas

Below is a list of top level practice areas.

Human rights

Appeals to the relevant authorities and courts in Cyprus and to the European Court of Human Rights.

Cyprus has one of the lowest corporate tax rates across the European Union (12.5%). Due to its favorable tax regime, Cyprus is the gateway to the European common market and a portal for investment into Russia, Ukraine, Middle-east, Asia and South America.

It is also a shipping hub, the Cypriot-registered vessel fleet is the fourth largest in the world.

Share capital – no minimum paid up share capital requirement, it may be denominated in EUR or any other currency. Bearer shares are not allowed.

Shareholders – required at least one shareholder, either natural or legal person, residents or non-resident. Nominee shareholder may replace the ultimate beneficiary owner of the company by signing trust deed.

Directors – At least one director, who may be a natural person or a legal entity, resident or non-resident. Due to tax reasons, it is recommended that a sole director shall be a Cyprus resident.  Directors’ details are available to the public. Nominee director is available.

Secretary – A secretary is required who must be an individual, resident

Registered Office – Private limited companies must have a registered office located in Cyprus.

Compliance – accounting and audit are required. These requirements also apply to companies with no taxable income or dormant companies.

All Cyprus companies are obliged to pay to the Registrar of Companies an annual charge of €350.

Tax residency – A company is tax resident in Cyprus providing that it is incorporated in Cyprus and controlled and managed from Cyprus.

Tax rate – Corporate tax standard rate is 12.5%.

Dividends –  Dividends received by Cyprus companies are exempt from all taxes, with the exception of foreign-source dividends that are deductible for tax purposes for the paying company.

Valueadded tax is 19%

If you need to submit abroad a document executed in Cyprus, you will have to meet the international requirements of recognition in this country of the document executed in Cyprus.

We can prepare for you Power of Attorney, Consent of parent/spouse, Statement/Declaration or any other duly certified and apostilled document to be legally valid out of Cyprus.

A decision issued by a Court of another country can be enforced in Cyprus provided that Cyprus has an agreement with that particular country for mutual recognition and enforcements of judicial decisions with the country issuing the decision.

If the country issuing the decisions is an EU Member States, then the enforcement will be effected by using the EU Regulations.

Including legal advices of illegal termination of work and protection of the rights of employees

The article 25 of the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus guarantees the right to work.

The main laws are the Termination of Employment law 1967, the Annual paid leave Law 1967 and the Social Insurance Law 1980.

The specific matters are governed by the Equal treatment at work and Employment law 2004, the Protection of Maternity Law 1997, The Organization of Working Time Principal Law 2003 etc..

The contractual relationship between employer and employee are derived from the Contract Law, Cap. 149

The Provision of Information to the Employee by the Employer.

The employer is obliged to inform the employee in writing, within one month after commencement of the employment, of the conditions of employment as follows:


  • The place of work.
  • Position, as well as the content and object of his work.
  • Date of commencement of the contract of employment or employment relationship, its duration, in the case of employment on a fixed term.
  • Duration of paid leave, the manner and the time of granting such leave.
  • Notice period in case of termination of the contract or employment relationship.
  • All components of the employee’s remuneration, the frequency of its payment.
  • Duration of the employee’s daily or weekly work.
  • Any collective agreements applicable to the terms and/or conditions of the employment.




The weekly working time cannot exceed 48 hours, including over- time work.

  • If the daily working time exceeds six hours, a break of at least 15 minutes is compulsory.
  • A minimum period of annual leave with pay must be granted, that is 20 working days in case of a five-day working week and 24 working days in case of a six-day working week.


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Divorce, property relations, custody and maintenance of a child, adoption, separation agreements


Family Courts in Cyprus have jurisdiction to resolve religious and civil marriages, as well as any family or matrimonial dispute between spouses and their children such as matters of custody, parental care, adoption, acknowledgment of paternity and property.

However, one of the party or both are to be resided in Cyprus for a continuous period at least three months.

For property issues there is no need any of the party to reside in Cyprus.


Is granted by Cyprus Family Court after a relevant application in it.

In case of religious marriage, the spouse applying for divorce must first notify in writing a Bishop of the area where the applicant lives. In three months after the Bishop has received the notification the divorce application can be filed in Court.

Parental custody.

In case of disputes between parents a custody application may be filed in court.

In order to take decision the Court requests from the Social Welfare Services report stating a welfare of the child and ability of the parent requesting custody to fulfil his or her obligations.

The child’s interests and opinion must be taken by the Court into consideration.

Child Alimony

Alimony covers necessity for the welfare of the child and for his education, taking into account the level of his living before the separation and the income of parent.

Property relations between spouses

Each spouse retains all the rights on his/her personal property.

Property that was commonly acquired during the marriage may be divided or regulated by a court order.

One of the spouses may claim on property owned by another spouse if that property increased its value due to applicant’s contribution in it.

Such an application must be filed within three years of the dissolution of marriage.

Car accidents

Steps you need to follow:

  1. Call your insurance company and give details of the involved drivers and their vehicles. In case you have been injured ask for immediate medical assistance.
  2. Although usually insurance companies take photos of the scene, it is highly recommended that you as well you take pictures of the place where the accident happened. Note important details concerning the circumstances under which the accident occurred. Get the contact details of witnesses.
  3. Contact the police. The police’s report will be evidence in Court.
  4. Do not to sign any document related to damage compensation without an adequate assessment since this may deprive you of the right to claim compensation or you may receive a smaller amount than the one you allowed.
  5. In case of arguments ask for a professional legal assistance. Insurance companies usually cover only real expenses, confirmed by receipts, i.e. medical expenses, car damage. Insurance companies do not compensate you for personal injury, quite often the amount they offer does not correspond to the amount you are allowed by law.

Although you have 3 years from the date of the accident to claim to Court for car accident damage compensation from the insurance company, you need to inform within 6 months the insurance company about your intension to claim to court.

Our company may assist you to follow all the above steps properly in order to protect your interests in the best way.

The most important law that regulates real estate in Cyprus is The

Immovable Property (Tenure, Registration and Valuation) Law,

Cap. 224.

We deal with all matters relating to freehold and leasehold property, including transactions and disputes involving commercial and residential property, and provide a comprehensive service to resident and non-resident purchasers of property in Cyprus. We also deals with wills and other private client matters, including:

  •  All services regarding the acquisition of immovable property by Cypriots and non-Cypriots including applications for residence permits;
  • Rental agreements and/or Property management for non-residents;
  • Other services, related to Real estate.

Cyprus is an attractive destination for both business and recreation due to its low tax system and Mediterranean climate.

For those wishing to invest in Cyprus, the Cyprus Investment Program allows certain investors to acquire Cypriot/EU citizenship or permanent residency rights.

We can assist you to acquire:

Visa or Residence Permit

Cyprus Citizenship through Cyprus Investment Program

The Criminal Code (Cap. 154) includes all the main offenses and criminal responsibilities.  On the other hand, the Criminal Procedure Law (Cap. 155), regulates all the matters related to criminal proceedings.

An individual under the age of 10 cannot be held criminally liable for any offense committed.

Following the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, every individual charged with an offense is considered as being innocent until proven guilty.  The burden of proof falls on the prosecution side, i.e. the prosecution must prove that the accused individual is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.

We can advise or represent your interests in every criminal case through every stage of the criminal procedure system.