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Our Services

Civil Law

Traffic accidents, liability of employers, claims for damages to personnel, insurance claims and disputes, debt collection and more

Criminal Law

We advise on criminal law and deal with criminal matters

Labor Law

Including cases of illegal termination of work and protection of the rights of employers

Family Law

Marriage law, divorce, children’s rights, separation agreements

Real Estate Law

Our company deals with all aspects of real estate legal practice. We negotiate, advise on the method and form in which the agreement should be concluded…

Immigration Services

Registration of a temporary residence permit to citizens of European and third countries, employees of companies with foreign investments, registration of a permanent residence permit..

Foreign Court order recognition

A decision issued by a Court of another country can be enforced in Cyprus

Notary services

If you need to submit abroad a document executed in Cyprus, you will have to meet the international requirements of recognition in this country of the document executed in Cyprus.

Company Formation

Cyprus has one of the lowest corporate tax rates across the European Union (12.5%). Due to its favorable tax regime, Cyprus is the gateway to the European common market and a portal for investment into Russia, Ukraine, Middle-east, Asia and South America.

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Robert Kennedy

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Irina Ikonomidi Law Cares. We were very happy and satisfied with how they represented us in our auto accident case. They got results. They are compassionate, caring people who really did their best for us.

Robert Kennedy

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